Cameras (The Eternal, Internal, Bare​-​Knuckle, Existentialist Scuffle)

by Sad English Pop Music

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from Based on a True Story, out 2nd June


You hate the vague dreams planted deep in our heads
By the words in the songs some singer said
About a love we'd find when we grow up.

You tell me love's not all that’s been claimed
Movies, novels and songs, they are to blame
For our distorted ideas of hope and sex death

You say we're lying to each other
But what's worse, you say, we're lying to ourselves.

So if love's a boxed product, sold and fake
What will tinge your life with beauty and give it shape?
If coincidence is just a crutch for the weak?

Most days I think if life is all there is
then hand me your Love brand t-shirt, ignorance is bliss!
I know I'm young but it's exhausting always swimming upstream

Most records show that love is unlikely, it's true
But why would you dispute the we make some sense?

You just say stub those feelings out son, because no one cares
No one's reading your thoughts, there's no cameras here
To see your heart break and your soul implode
We may be young, but self-pity? It's always been old.

So yeah I'd kill myself over another you
Just what my genes are gracious enough to do
But that's a grossly functional take on living
So maybe it's time for us to just give in

It's in your honour, all this aimless art
And if you asked of me I'd rip it all apart
An artists life? I guess you're probably right:
Pretty words will bathe the boring in romantic light

Part of my does hate it, all this sentimental shit
And I hate myself for being dragged around by it
But tell me this - what have you got to prove?
In a life that's short and ugly, isn't there more to lose

By building walls and refusing to try
To break them down for just this fraction of your life
So listen briefly, please just wait, don't walk
Come with me, then I promise that I'll stop


released May 26, 2017



all rights reserved


Sad English Pop Music Edinburgh, UK

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