This Is A Mistake.

by Sad English Pop Music

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From the forthcoming album Based on a True Story, out June 2nd


This is a mistake
But it's one that I need to, have to make
These days everything seems to fall way below
What I expected, so I now need to know

If I'm just naïve
Because I want to, need to, still do believe
That happiness is more than a blister pack
That it's something I might one day hope to get back

So I'll take that transatlantic flight
In four weeks and a night

I'll open up the old wound
To tease out bloody splinters of you
To separate them from my body, my mind
And really see what pain's actually left inside

I get so nostalgic
Our old songs still can make me feel sick
But your perfume's the worst - the smell and the taste
See the walls that I've build up all go to waste

So I'll die from transatlantic fright
In four weeks and a night

I'll take this expensive trip
To stand too close to the flame, let it strip
Away the illusion, two years since we met
It's going to be rough, but my mind's made and set

I want to take this flight
To grasp and taste and feel your life
To spend a little time, maybe crash on your couch
While me and you and your boyfriend hang out

I can't spend each day
Cursed by a pulsing, nameless rage
Debating with doctors and knocking back pills
While my family foots absurd medical bills

I really want to know
The form and shape and size of your role
Where sadness ends and where you begin
To understand this box that I've put you in

I want to, need to, still do believe


released May 16, 2017



all rights reserved


Sad English Pop Music Edinburgh, UK

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